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Ad Deal 1 Available

Exclusive Reseller Ad Deal for our New Hosting Services site (2 year plan)

Basic Advertising Plan

  • For an annual fee of $25.00 we will place a banner or text ad (with logo) on the webhosting page on the following sites: Basic Plan
Header Banner Ad
WebsiteIntegrations.Com Hosting Ad Plan

- You will get One Banner Ad rotated in the Footer of ALL our Integration Service sites! (and our Free Resources site)
- This Ad is valid for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020

  • Here is what you get
  • // (you spot will be either third or fourth from the top and full-width as the first 2 spots were part of other deals - which position you get depends which special plan sells first) - One logo/text ad on on our Host page here https
  • // and listed as Featured Hosting Plans (see our Blesta site for an example of how it would look ) - Three of your Hosting plans will be listed on the front page of our main site site at https
  • // - You will get our VIP Membership see here for details https
MissingPeople.Ca Ad

Sidebar Ad on MissingPeople.Ca

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