Limited Support Hours

Please note: Due to March Break (in Canada) there may be support delays from March 12th to March 20th. I will still be processing and completing orders - I just won't be at the computer as much as I normally would be!

14th Mar 2015
New Services!

We are pleased to announce 2 New Services!

Our Forum Management Service which you can find information on at and our Website Maintenance Service which you can find details on at

9th Aug 2014
Sorry About Last Email

Apologies to some for the last email - instead of sending one per client it seems like it sent out one per order so some clients ended up with multiple copies of the same email.

20th Jun 2014

Please note that I am in the process of moving so there may be support delays. Especially on Thursday when the new lines are installed at the my new place.


27th May 2014
Responsive WHMCS Integrations

We are now offering Responsive WHMCS Integrations! Your design must be responsive!

Based on the 'Default' design also includes a Responsive Orderform Template! Cost an additional $25.00

12th May 2014

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21st Apr 2014
March Break

Due to March Break Holiday in Canada there may be support delays until the 14th

7th Mar 2014
Back Log

Please Note: Due To WHMCS Upgrades there is currently a small ticket backlog. Please be patient while this is sorted. Due to the new release of WHMCS our 24 hour or free policy in NOT in effect until further notice.


22nd Feb 2014
24 Hour Guarantee Suspended

Due to the holidays our 24 hour WHMCS Guarantee is currently suspended. There may also be a delay in support.

My Holiday ends Jan. 1st


24th Dec 2013
Reminder To Change FTP

Reminder: After your order is completed please delete the temp ftp account you provided.

11th Nov 2013