Looking to advertise your Hosting Company or Hosting related Services? Maybe you make WHMCS or WordPress Modules and want to advertise them? Well WebsiteIntegrations.Com has some ad space opportunities for you!


Annual Price: $60.00


  • - 1 486x60 OR 728x90 Banner ad on the header of all of our websites. (Can be a graphic or flash ad).

Annual Price: $120.00


Annual Price: $65.00


Annual Price: $50.00


Annual Price: $45.00


  • - 1 486x60 OR 728x90 Banner ad on the footer of all of our websites. (Can be a graphic or flash ad).

Annual Price: $60.00


Annual Price: $140.00 ($45 savings off individual prices!)

Advertising Deal For WHMCSintegrations.Com

We are again offering a special Advertising/Partner deal to ONE hosting company that offers Reseller Hosting with WHMCS. This deal is first come first server basis and will be valid for all of 2020. (note this is a pre-order - your hosting plans will not be on our site until 2020 HOWEVER you will get the ad on or hosting page, the VIP Membership plus the header banner NOW for the rest of 2019 free and then all of 2020)

  • - One logo/text ad on on our Host page here https://websiteintegrations.com/billing/webhosting.php (you will get a full-width section)
  • - Three of your Reseller hosting plans will be listed on the front page of our WHMCS site at https://whmcsintegrations.com (NOTE - the hosting plans take at the end of next month)
  • - You will get our VIP Membership (which gets you 50% off our services for the year) see here for more details https://websiteintegrations.com/billing/product.php?do=product&pid=109
  • - Your reseller + whmcs text ad will appear in all emails sent from our WHMCS in regards to whmcs integration orders. So when someone gets a whmcs integration we will have an ad of your reseller hosting on the Order confirmation and Order completion email!
  • - 1 header banner ad on ALL of our integration sites.

Annual Price: $200


We will not list ads for Competing Integration Services. We will accept ads from Hosting and Web Services Companies, Design Companies offering custom designs, Addon/Module Companies that sell addons for WHMCS, WordPress and other scripts. We may also be willing to list other ads - contact us.

If you are interested in ordering any of these advertising opportunities just contact me and let me know! Space is limited. Also contact us for a discount if you are interested in purchasing multiple spots. CONTACT US