Refund Policy

Refunds on Installation Services

We will offer a full refund on installation services if we are not able to install the script you chose on your server, be it because of your server or because of the script. Please make sure that your server has Perl modules, PHP and MySQL (if applicable) before requesting our services though, this will make things easier for everyone. We will not install Perl/PHP/MySQL modules as these are under the domain of your ISP/host.

Additionally, we will not be held responsible if a script we install contains bugs or security holes. See the terms of use of the script for the details. We install the script 'as-is'. We cannot offer refund if you modified the source code of the script after we installed it.

Once the script has been installed and is working properly on your server, you have 7 days to report any problem. After this time, your server information will be deleted from our server for your security and any additional changes will fall under billable time. Additionally, upgrades to a newer version of the script are not included, you'll have to pay a new installation fee for this.

Refunds on Templates, Premade Themes & Integration Services

Since templates and integrations are a non-tangible irrevocable good we do not provide refunds once the order is completed and the theme is sent. The excepetions to this are:

  • - If you have ordered our 24 hour or 12 hour express service and your integration is not completed during that time then we will provide a full refund for your integration
  • - If we have not yet processed your order you may request a refund if the service is no longer required. Your order is considered as 'Processed' when you receive the 'Your Order Has Been Recieved' email.

If you require and are eligible for a refund as per our terms above please Open a Ticket. Refunds will be processed using the same payment method you used while ordering.

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